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How Telepsychiatry Can Transform Community Mental Health Centers

With a shortage in the behavioral health workforce, community mental health centers are often challenged with not having a large enough clinical team to meet the high demand for psychiatric care. innovaTel was founded by mental health professionals working in community health centers looking to close this gap in care by supplementing these facilities using telepsychiatry.

The use of telepsychiatry can transform community health centers by empowering them to grow their team in a cost-effective way, while maintaining continuity of care and patient satisfaction. Keep reading to learn why telepsychiatry is an essential tool for closing the gap in care.

Grow Your Treatment Team- Virtually!

With a shortage of psychiatrists available, telepsychiatry is a highly effective option for any behavioral health facility in need of additional clinicians. With telepsychiatry, you are no longer limited to the clinicians  in your immediate geography. innovaTel has the ability to recruit from all over the country and present the best clinicians for your organization to select in order to meet patient demand.

innovaTel Telepsychiatry is clinician owned and operated, which is why we understand how important continuity of care is. When you partner with us, your patients will see the same clinicians every time.

Shorten Wait Times

When using telepsychiatry at your facility you’re able to eliminate the wait time associated with seeing specialized providers or the time associated with clinicians traveling to and from facilities. innovaTel promises to have clinicians ready and on-time for every session, making your facility’s telepsychiatry sessions run just as smoothly as they would in person, if not smoother.

With a larger clinical team, more patients can be seen each day; helping you meet the demand for care in your area and ultimately closing that gap. In addition to prompt care, innovaTel can help connect you with psychiatrists that have sub-specialty training that may not have been readily available in your geographic location.

Reduce Clinician Turnover

innovaTel understands how disruptive it can be to your organization and your patients to lose a clinician.

That’s why with our partnership, innovaTel spends a tremendous amount of time on the front end getting to know your clinic as best as possible and then presents clinicians to you for your team to interview and choose. innovaTel does not believe in just placing clinicians.

Because of this thorough matchmaking process, innovaTel has minimal clinician turnover, with many clinicians having been with their organization for over 5 years.

Eliminate Cost & Disruption Spent on Recruitment

Hiring a telepsychiatrist is a more cost-efficient way to meet your facility’s needs. Unlike in-clinic psychiatrists, telepsychiatrists do not require office space or a daily commute. Using telepsychiatry at your facility also allows you to contract for the exact coverage that you need. For example, if you only need to fill 16 hours of clinical time per week, then you only pay for 16 hours per week when you partner with innovaTel.


innovaTel also only presents to you qualified, previously vetted clinicians for you to choose based on what you are looking for, eliminating any time spent interviewing clinicians that are not a good fit for your facility.

innovaTel also covers all fees associated with licensing, the DEA, malpractice, benefits, and recruitment.


If your community mental health center is having trouble growing your clinical team, contact innovaTel today to learn more about our service offerings. To hear what our customers have to say, check out our testimonials page to hear more about their experience.

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