Your desire to provide care for the patients at your Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic is unwavering.

Your ability to do it, though, is sometimes a challenge.

Most of that challenge is tied to access, recruitment and retention of providers, and capacity — impediments innovaTel effectively neutralizes.

Our experienced, remote clinical team at innovaTel is made up of psychiatrists, PMHNPs, LCSWs and even Medical Directors who integrate with your CCBHC via telehealth technology. 

innovaTel’s solutions alleviate pressure on your staff, reduce wait times for appointments, increase scheduling flexibility and meet the growing demand for care many clinics are experiencing, especially now. 

innovaTel has a background in community mental health — and we’ve worked with CCBHCs — so we understand the challenges you are facing.  We’re ready to help you help your clinic help its patients.

Schedule a meeting above with innovaTel’s Lauren Lashbrook to discover which solutions will work best for the needs of your clinic.

Our remote specialties

Our roster of highly skilled, remote professionals add expertise to your team, allowing you to provide your patients with access to specialized care.

• Psychiatrists

• Child Psychiatrists

• Medical Directors

• Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

• Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Impact and Opportunity

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