Need Psychiatric Clinicians? We Have Them!

We have a nationwide network of online psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers that are available to fill your organization’s needs.

Telepsychiatry and integrated care session

More than half of the U.S. counties have no mental health clinicians!

This represents over 90 million Americans without access to care.

The national average wait time to see a psychiatrist is 7.5 weeks!

What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry allows your organization to grow its clinical team with online clinicians that you choose and interview – professionals who are dedicated to your organization and provide continuity of care for your patients. 

How telepsychiatry works

Hiring on your own

$33,000 - $48,000 per clinician
  • Malpractice: $7,000
  • Licensing Fees: $350-$900/ renewal (amount varies by state)
  • DEA Fees: $731/ renewal
  • Recruitment Finder Fee: $25,000 - $40,000
  • Clinician Benefits: 20% in additional to salary

Our Partnership

Save $33,000 - $48,000 per clinician
  • Malpractice: Covered
  • Licensing Fees: Covered
  • DEA Fees: Covered
  • Recruitment Finder Fee: None
  • Clinician Benefits: Covered

“innovaTel providers are professional, efficient, flexible, and strive to be team players. Not only are our customers overwhelmingly positive about telepsychiatry, at Central Minnesota Mental Health Center we could not be more pleased with the quality of care our customers receive from them and for the administrative headaches they have cured for us. innovaTel Telepsychiatry has elevated the quality of care in Community Mental Health Centers. I highly recommend them!

-Minnesota Mental Health Center