Telepsychiatry & Primary Care Workflows

innovaTel Telepsychiatry’s experience with integrating telepsychiatry into the primary care setting has resulted in workflows that allow for different services based on your organizations’ need. 

telepsychiatry session

innovaTel's Integrated Care Models

innovaTel offers three models for primary care organizations to implement telepsychiatry (consultative, co-located and full service integrated care model).


Consultative Model/ Curbside Consult

The innovaTel psychiatrist provides consult time for the primary care physician or a care manager to review the most complex patients without seeing the patients directly. This is an extremely efficient model that can cover several patients per hour. 


Full Service Model

This is a combination of the curbside consult and co-located model where the telepsychiatrist will provide consultative care with your primary care team and also carry a patient caseload for direct patient treatment.  


Co-Located Model

innovaTel Telepsychiatry can provide direct care to your patient in the same location. Think of this model just as if you were to hire a psychiatrist on site and is located in your facility. There is no difference here other than the psychiatrist will connect virtually. 

With this model, the telepsychiatrists can provide psychiatric evaluations and carry a caseload for on-going medication management, or often times can provide an evaluation with scheduled follow up for stabilization of medications and then return the patient back to your primary care team. 

Getting Started with Integrated Care

There are two important items to establish prior to getting started with integrated care:

Dedicate a telepsychiatry room

The setup is simple and we can provide detailed technical recommendations.

Determine the level of psychiatric services you would like to offer your patients.

Based on this data, we can make recommendations for the amount of psychiatric time your organization may need on a weekly basis.

  • How many patients are you referring out for psychiatric services?
  • How many patients in your EMR have a behavioral health diagnosis?
  • Determine the weekly telepsychiatry schedule (for example: Monday’s and Friday’s from 9 am – 5 pm). Keep in mind your patients will still be coming to your office and vitals will need to be obtained prior to seeing the telepsychiatrist.