Telepsychiatry for Correctional Institutions

How Telepsychiatry Can Help Correctional Facilities

It can be challenging to recruit psychiatrists to work in correctional institutions, especially with the psychiatric provider shortage.

Telepsychiatry can effectively help correctional facilities increase access to psychiatric care. It can provide correctional institutions with an opportunity to deliver proper mental health care to the inmates who need it without actually bringing a psychiatrist to the facility, or transporting inmates to the nearest mental health center.

Telepsychiatry can help eliminate these challenges and increase access to behavioral health care.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry Services for Correctional Institutions

Safe and Secure Psychiatric Consultations

Telepsychiatry eliminates the need to hire on-site psychiatrists or require transport to the nearest mental health centers to get people the treatment they need. By utilizing telepsychiatry, through a secure HIPAA-compliant connection, access to behavioral health providers is available in a more flexible way through the use of telepsychiatry technology.

Better Access to Expert Psychiatric Services

With the psychiatric provider shortage, the recruitment of providers can be a real challenge. With telepsychiatry, you have access to a nationwide network of psychiatrists who are experts in their field and can connect securely with your correctional facility.