Your Telepsychiatry Partner

We have a We can help solve your recruitment & retention challenges.

We Understand the Struggles Your Organization is Facing.

Did you know our founders ran a community mental health center prior to starting innovaTel? In their community mental health center, they deployed telepsychiatry in 2010 to solve their psychiatrist recruitment and retention challenges.

Because of our background, we strive to be the best telepsychiatry partner to our customers. Our founding clinical team has over 30 years of behavioral healthcare experience. They have faced first hand many of the obstacles that your organization is facing. Because we have been in your shoes we have a deep understanding of what is most important to our customers.

We feel very strongly that you should have a say in which clinician becomes a virtual member of your treatment team, that is why we don’t just place clinicians with your organization –  as your telepsychiatry partner we want you to choose!

  • Simple and Transparent Pricing: We do not charge any setup, maintenance or technology fees.
  • Integration with Your Systems: We are platform agnostic and will work in your telehealth platform of choice. If you do not have a platform, we will cover the cost of the platform for our provider. Our providers document concurrently in your EHR.
  • Long-Term Solution: Due to our thorough matchmaking process, we have a 95% provider retention rate.
  • Quality Commitment: Our accreditation through URAC demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest level of care. 
National Council for Behavioral Health Strategic Partner
URAC Accreditation
American Telemedicine Association

The innovaTel Difference

Clinician Owned and Operated


Started Telepsychiatry in 2010

Compliance Monitoring

We hire only the best clinicians

Designated Nurse Liaison

Credentialing Assistance

Telepsychiatry Workflow Recommendations

Scheduling Templates Provided

We pay for & manage licensing, DEA, malpractice and benefits

Ongoing IT Support

Partnership Benefits

We are very selective in choosing which clinicians join our team and only hire approximately 1/3 of the clinicians that we interview.  We understand that continuity of care is critical for your patients and we value long-term partnerships. Some of our telepsychiatrists have been with their clinic assignment for over four years!

  • Choose Your Own Clinician: Your clinician. Your choice. All of our customers interview our clinicians and choose which one that will be join their team virtually; we do not just assign them. We have found that allowing our customers to choose their clinician reduces turnover and leads to long-term partnerships.
  • Continuity of Care: This is critical for your patients and for the rest of your clinical team. innovaTel clinicians become dedicated members of your team so that your patients and staff can build a relationship with them.
  • Collaborative Care: Our goal is that our clinicians feel just as much a part of the team as if they were there on site. Our clinicians will attend treatment team meetings and collaborate with thee rest of your on-site staff. We feel that this is very important for our clinicians to provide the highest level of care to their patients.
  • Timely & Accurate Documentation: All innovaTel clinicians are trained in concurrent documentation and will document directly in your electronic medical record.


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**innovaTel does not provide care directly to patients. If you are a patient looking for psychiatric services, please contact a local provider in your area. If this is an emergency, please call 911.