5 Questions to Ask a Telepsychiatry Provider Before Partnering with Them

Telepsychiatry Tips

The use of telepsychiatry has increased dramatically over the past 10 months and has solidified its place in the future of mental health treatment. Organizations looking to adopt this care modality long term may be in search of a telepsychiatry partner to help establish a permanent telepsychiatry program and find the right clinicians to grow their remote clinical team. Choosing a provider to partner with can be difficult when your organization is presented with so many options. Here are 5 questions we recommend asking when searching for a telepsychiatry partner that we think will help you decide which company is best for your organization.

What Kind Of Experience Does Your Leadership Team Have?

A telepsychiatry partner should bring a wealth of experience and expertise along with their services. Determining the professional background of a partner’s leadership team may indicate whether or not they will understand the needs of your organization. A prospective telepsychiatry partner should have specific experience in providing services in a setting similar to yours with testimonials to back it up. innovaTel’s founding team has over 30 years of experience in mental health care and understands the challenges that organizations face.

What Fees Should We Expect Other Than Clinical Fees?

One of the first considerations that a facility will have when looking into partnering with a telepsychiatry service provider is whether or not the cost is sustainable based on the clinical hours you need. Additionally, it is important to evaluate the associated fees for recruitment and licensing. With an innovaTel partnership, you never pay recruitment fees when bringing on clinicians and you only contract for the exact clinical hours you need. innovaTel also covers all fees associated with licensing, the DEA, malpractice, and benefits for the clinician.

What Kind Of Support Is Available To Our Team?

When selecting a telepsychiatry provider, your organization may need assistance in adapting to a new care modality and incorporating it with your existing workflows. It’s important to consider the type of support that will be available to you as a partner to ensure a smooth onboarding process. innovaTel partners have access to unlimited 24/7 IT and clinical support at no additional cost to your organization. In addition to technical and clinical support, we can also assist your organization operationally by offering workflow recommendations and scheduling templates.

Do You Track Compliance And Patient Satisfaction?

Telepsychiatry providers should be able to provide you with how they track compliance and patient satisfaction. Tracking these elements is the key to successfully implementing a new medium of care into your organization. innovaTel tracks this by sending out patient satisfaction surveys to better understand their feelings towards the care that they are receiving. We also provide our partners with compliance monitoring to make sure that all legal, ethical, and professional standards are being met.

What Professional Organizations Are You Affiliated With?

Lastly, when evaluating a telepsychiatry partner, the presence of professional affiliations and partnerships will tell you a lot about the experience and reputation of a potential provider. A company affiliated with prominent organizations and leaders in the behavioral health field has likely earned their endorsement for good reason. innovaTel is proud to be affiliated with the following like-minded behavioral health companies:

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The right telepsychiatry partner will allow your clinical team to flourish, provide administrative and technical support when needed, and empower collaboration. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits and services innovaTel provides to partners, visit our contact page to speak with a telepsychiatry expert. innovaTel is proud to be clinician owned and operated, helping us to better understand the needs of our partners.

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