Re-Imagining Psychiatric Care

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An Essential Solution to the Psychiatric Shortage

The shortage of psychiatrists and the increasing demand for psychiatric care can make it difficult for organizations to provide care mental health care to their patients in a timely manner. We are here to help!

Studies confirm that telepsychiatry demonstrate comparable results to in-person care and in many cases, improved outcomes over the current standard of care. Telepsychiatry has also demonstrated increases in clinic efficiency, the variety of available care, increased access, provider flexibility and positive outcomes.

We partner with organizations in need of psychiatric coverage by offering contracted hours (part-time or full-time) for psychiatric clinicians; including board certified or board eligible psychiatrists, certified mental health nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers.

"Telepsychiatry is crucial for meeting the need for behavioral healthcare in America.

There is an overwhelming need for psychiatrists due to the shrinking workforce and increasing demand for mental healthcare.

It’s crucial that we leverage the number of active psychiatrists and telepsychiatry is able to do just that.

Telepsychiatry is the future of mental health care and innovaTel is bringing expert care to the masses through their partnership with organizations throughout America.

Thanks to innovaTel, we are able to bridge-the-gap to meet the significant need. innovaTel has the DNA to ensure patients receive the care they need in a meaningful way.”

– The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy

Our Commitment

Our Clinicians will:
  • Be on-screen and on-time for all patient appointments
  • Provide your patients with high-quality, recovery focused care
  • Be respectful and work collaboratively with your team
  • Document directly in your electronic medical record, and notes will be completed by the end of each day

Strategic Partnerships

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

Benefits of Telepsychiatry


Telepsychiatry allows organizations to increase its patient reach and to provide timely mental health care.

We pay for the clinicians licensing and DEA fees, paid time-off, benefits, malpractice, etc. so our customers do not have to worry about the added cost.

No upfront fees and you are not charged any recruitment fees!

Access to sub-specialty trained clinicians

Many of our clinicians have sub-specialty training including: child & adolescent, geriatric, adult psychiatry, eating disorders, gender dysphoria, forensic & correctional psychiatry, and more..

No Recruitment Fees, Ever!

Unlike locum tenens and recruitment agencies, we do not charge any recruitment fees. As we continue to expand our clinical team, we are dedicated to hiring the best psychiatric clinicians.

24/7 Clinical & it sUPPORT

We work with your on-site clinical and IT team
to answer questions that arise and to provide support throughout the entire partnership.

Value added Partnership

We strive to be problem solvers and act as advocates for improving payor and customer relationships.

Our clinical team is always growing and as your telepsychiatry partner, we are able to fulfill your organizations needs as they change.

Intgegrated care

Telepsychiatry improves coordination and communication between mental health professionals and primary care providers.

Quality Clinicians

You are not just getting a "warm body". We are extremely selective in the recruitment process to ensure our customers' patients receive the best care possible.


Telepsychiatry removes the need for clinicians to commute, which can at times cause appointment delays due to traffic.
Our clinicians work from their home and will be on-screen and on-time every day.

Customer Testimonials

"I just have to say that I am getting ready to go into my third year of contracting with innovaTel and you are just as consistently excellent to work with now as you were when we started. Thank you for all your great service and service providers!"
Kathy Mosher
Kathy Mosher
Executive Director
Central Kansas Mental Health Center
“InnovaTel has provided Woodland Centers with an essential service that is easily accessible, accommodating to our clientele, and well managed by InnovaTel administrative staff. These services have been invaluable to our clients and community.”
Ashley Kjos, CEO, Woodland Center
Ashley Kjos
Woodland Center
“Meeting psychiatric needs in a rural community is often challenging.  Through our partnership with InnovaTel, Community Services Group is better equipped to meet those needs.  From service provided by the prescribers to attentiveness of the administrative staff, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”
Aimee Tsikitas, LCSW
Director of Treatment Services
Community Services Group
“I have worked with InnovaTel Telepsychiatry for 4 years. I have had the pleasure of working with 3 different providers. I have found them to be excellent providers in their fields, being respectful and courteous to all patients in their approach and interactions. Their level of expertise is of the highest caliber. When I have needed patient support, I am able to use confidential communications to them and receive prompt replies for ordering medications for patients or guidance for me. We have treated several hundred patients with Innovatel physicians, and always had positive reactions from our patients. I am proud to say that I work with InnovaTel physicians, giving excellent care to those in our service area.”
Netra Baker, RN, Dickinson Center, Inc
Netra Baker, RN
Dickinson Center, Inc.
“In many systems of care, the uncertainty and expense of recruitment and retention of psychiatry providers keeps executives up at night, but perhaps in no setting more so than in resource challenged community mental health centers. Innovatel basically solves that problem. Even if they have some turnover, they guarantee that they will provide the agreed upon FTE."
"innovaTel providers are professional, efficient, flexible, and strive to be team players. Not only are our customers overwhelmingly positive about telepsychiatry, at Central Minnesota Mental Health Center we could not be more pleased with the quality of care our customers receive from them and for the administrative headaches they have cured for us."
"I highly recommend them!”

InnovaTel has elevated the quality of care in Community Mental Health Centers
Rick Lee, PhD
Executive Director
Central Minnesota Mental Health Center

The National Psychiatric Shortage

There are currently 28,252 active psychiatrists, but 70% of the active psychiatrists are age 50 and older.

A large percentage of the United States population is suffering from mental illness and there are not enough psychiatrists to meet the need; particularly in rural areas. We can help to bridge the psychiatric shortage and bring quality, passionate, experienced mental health clinicians to organizations that are having trouble recruiting and retaining clinicians.

Age 50 or older
Age 41-50
Age 40 or younger