Telepsychiatry Clinicians for Your Facility

An efficient, cost-effective & research-backed solution to the psychiatric shortage

Our premier, national, telepsychiatry partnership is an essential solution for  facilities who are faced with an alarming shortage of psychiatric resources and services. Our mission is to increase timely access to quality psychiatric care to under-served areas.

We are committed to collaborating with facilities in-need of psychiatric clinicians; including psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Our clinicians have in-depth knowledge, decades of experience, are compassionate and become an important member of the treatment team.



 Our clinicians will:

  • Be on-screen on-time
  • Provide your patients high-quality, recovery focused care
  • Be respectful and work collaboratively with your team
  • Document directly in YOUR electronic medical record, and notes will be complete by the end of each day.

Satisfied Customers

“InnovaTel has provided Woodland Centers with an essential service that is easily accessible, accommodating to our clientele, and well managed by InnovaTel administrative staff. These services have been invaluable to our clients and community.”

Ashley Kjos, PhD


Woodlands Center

“I have worked with InnovaTel Telepsychiatry for 4 years.
I have had the pleasure of working with 3 different providers. I have found them to be excellent providers in their fields, being respectful and courteous to all patients in their approach and interactions. Their level of expertise is of the highest caliber. When I have needed patient support, I am able to use confidential communications to them and receive prompt replies for ordering medications for patients or guidance for me.
We have treated several hundred patients with Innovatel physicians, and always had positive reactions from our patients. I am proud to say that I work with InnovaTel physicians, giving excellent care to those in our service area.”

Netra Baker, RN

Dickinson Center, Inc.

The three main benefits from partnering with InnovaTel are:  

The ability to offer exceptional quality psychiatric care to the children, adolescents and families who chose to participate in telepsychiatry

The responsiveness and collaboration that InnovaTel staff provide.

The ability to use their experience and best practices to make our first experience successful for all.

Michelle Kelly - Thompson

Michelle Kelly-Thompson, MA

Director of Clinical Services
Human Services Center

innovaTel Telepsychiatry has been part of our Psychiatry Unit since 2016.  The Psychiatrists have expanded and improved client access to psychiatric services in our rural community while providing excellent care  They have been readily available to the nurses, efficient in adapting to the use of our EHR and flexible with our schedule expectations.

The innovaTel administrative staff are just as great to work with. They were hands on throughout the implementation and continue to provide personal, ongoing support.

Most importantly, our clients have expressed satisfaction with their providers and with their telepsychiatry experience.

Terry Backhaus, RN, BC

Psychiatry Nursing Supervisor
Woodlands Center

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

long-term savings

Increase patient volumes and provide comprehensive treatment for each patient.


Chart notes are made in YOUR electronic health record (EHR) the same day; improving billing turn around time.


We create long-term relationships which
provides consistent care for your patients.

24/7 Clinical & it sUPPORT

We work with your on-site clinical and IT team
to answer questions and resolve any issues that arise.


Clinicians work from home, which eliminates
the need to commute.

Extend Your Treatment Team

Include and consult with external clinicians, such as the patients primary care provider during the treatment appointments.

The National Psychiatric Shortage

A large percentage of the United States population is suffering from mental illness, but there are not enough resources available to those in need; particularly in rural areas. There are currently 28,252 active psychiatrists, but 70% of the active psychiatrists are age 50 and older. 

There are currently 28,252 active psychiatrists, but 70% of the active psychiatrists are age 50 and older. 

Age 50 or older
Age 41-50
Age 40 or younger