Providing your clinic with psychiatric clinicians via telepsychiatry.
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innovaTel Telepsychiatry is a nationwide telepsychiatry network of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers. 

innovaTel is owned and operated by mental health clinicians, and believes everyone deserves timely access to psychiatric care and telepsychiatry is the most effective solution to increasing access to psychiatric care. Through telepsychiatry, you grow your treatment team virtually without the headaches and cost associated with recruitment.

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What is Telepsychiatry?

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  • Telepsychiatry is the delivery of psychiatric services utilizing HIPAA compliant, secure, simple to use technology. 
  • With the growing demand for mental health services, telepsychiatry is an effective solution to the psychiatric shortage.
  • Through telepsychiatry, we are able to utilize the reduced number of active psychiatrists and allow them to treat more patients in all areas across the country. 
  • Telepsychiatry is equivalent to in-person care in diagnostic accuracy, treatment effectiveness, quality of care and patient satisfaction and is used in a variety of settings.

Support for Telepsychiatry

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The American Psychiatric Association‘s Position Statement on Telemedicine in Psychiatry: “Telemedicine in psychiatry, using video conferencing, is a validated and effective practice of medicine that increases access to care. The American Psychiatric Association supports the use of telemedicine as a legitimate component of a mental health delivery system to the extent that its use is in the best interest of the patient and is in compliance with the APA policies on medical ethics and confidentiality. “

Patrick J. Kennedy

“Telepsychiatry is crucial for meeting the need for behavioral healthcare in America.There is an overwhelming need for psychiatrists due to the shrinking workforce and increasing demand for mental healthcare.
It’s crucial that we leverage the number of active psychiatrists and telepsychiatry is able to do just that.

Telepsychiatry is the future of mental health care and innovaTel is bringing expert care to the masses through their partnership with organizations throughout America.

Thanks to innovaTel, we are able to bridge-the-gap to meet the significant need. innovaTel has the DNA to ensure patients receive the care they need in a meaningful way.”

-The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy

Benefits of Telepsychiatry

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Meet the patient demand in your community

Integrating Care

Increases patient satisfaction and outcomes

Reduction in clinician turnover

Eliminate cost & disruption spent on recruitment

Shorten wait times for your patients to see a clinician

How Telepsychiatry Works

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With innovaTel, telepsychiatry is simple! We mirror your existing workflows. 

  • Our customers pick the clinician that joins their treatment team. – We do not “just assign a clinician” to each organization. The clinicians become an important, virtual member of YOUR treatment team.
  • innovaTel is not a locum tenens company and knows continuity of care is critical. The patient will see the same clinician every time.
  • innovaTel provides HIPAA-compliant platform and on-going clinical and technical support.
  • The clinician comes to your organization virtually and documents in YOUR electronic health record.
  • Your organization bills the insurance claims and retains all revenue. innovaTel charges a flat hourly rate.
  • Visit our “what to expect” page to find out more.

Telepsychiatry: An Essential Solution to the Psychiatric Shortage

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There are currently 28,252 active psychiatrists, but 70% are age 50 and older

1 %
Age 50 or older
1 %
Age 41-50
1 %
Age 40 or younger

A large percentage of the United States population is suffering from mental illness and there are not enough psychiatrists to meet the need; particularly in rural areas. We can help to bridge-the-gap and bring quality, passionate, experienced mental health clinicians to organizations that are having trouble recruiting and retaining clinicians through telepsychiatry.