Provide Psychiatric Care Anywhere In The Country

Work from home and achieve work-life balance

As a psychiatric provider, you understand the impact consistent, quality care has on patients and how it affects their recovery process. Telepsychiatry is the solution to reaching more patients and providing them with the care they desperately need.

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Team Member Benefits

Competitive Salary

We offer competitive compensation

Extensive Benefits Including:

Paid time-off
Medical benefits
Long-term disability insurance

Flexible Scheduling

Choose your preferred schedule
Achieve work-life balance
Full-time and part-time positions offered


We provide IT and clinical management support 24/7

Reimbursement Provided For:

Professional licensing
Federal and state controlled substance registration

Malpractice Coverage

We provide and pay for the malpractice insurance

Work from Home

Work from the comfort of your own home.
No need to worry about commuting

Fulfill Your Interests

Do you have a specific interest in the psychiatry field or wish to help a certain area of the Country? We do our best to match your interests and will present the plan to you for consideration.

Provider Testimonials

“Telepsychiatry has enabled me to see a wider variety of patients, expand my practice to underserved areas, and maximize my outpatient schedule without sacrificing flexibility.
InnovaTel is a proven leader in this rapidly expanding modality, with knowledgeable staff who have years of clinical experience in mental health, and are considered pioneers in the field of telespsychiatry. They have literally thought of everything, from crisis planning to technical specifications, to licensing requirements and beyond.
They have been so extremely easy to work with and accommodating to my scheduling preferences, that I have highly recommended this company to many of my colleagues.” ​

Tanya Wozniak, MD

innovaTel Telepsychiatry

“I wanted flexibility and freedom to work from home. Telepsychiatry is an ideal fit for women who want to have work life balance. I am very satisfied with my decision to join InnovaTel and pursue my personal and professional goals.”

Dr. Sadaf Islam

Sadaf Islam, MD

innovaTel Telepsychiatry

“Working with InnovaTel has benefited me professionally and personally. As a telepsychiatrist, I am able to focus more time on patients and less time on practice overhead.
I also enjoy working in underserved areas at sites with professional staff.
The transition to telemedicine has been seamless for me as a psychiatrist and is well-received by my child patients and their families. They also seem to like when my cat joins our appointment in my home office!”

Dr. McCray Ashby

M. McCray Ashby, MD

innovaTel Telepsychiatry