Adding a Remote Medical Director with innovaTel

Common Responsibilities and Roles for Remote Medical Directors

innovaTel customizes all of our Medical Director roles to meet your needs, from strictly leadership responsibilities to also carrying a patient caseload. Whether it’s part time or full time, our medical directors serve as integrated members of your clinical team.

Policies, Procedures and Quality Improvement:

  • Develop or review policies and protocols.
  • Quality Improvement, which can include chart reviews of other providers, reviewing clinical practices of providers (especially if a concern is raised).
  • Join committee meetings as needed such as Infection Control, Safety, Ethics, etc.
  • Staying up-to-date on regulatory changes and best practices of medicine.

Communication & Collaboration:

  • Communicate with and collaborate with on-site staff from all departments including front desk staff, nursing, compliance.
  • Communicate with and collaborate with all clinical staff including on-site providers and other telemedicine providers.
  • Meet with or offer support to providers and perform case reviews.

Reimbursement Optimization:

  • Improve workflows in the clinic.
  • Decrease no-show rates.
  • Support providers’ selection of
    billing codes.