Improving Speed and Access to Quality Care, innovaTel and Quartet Are Better Together

June 30, 2022 | innovaTel + Quartet

When a patient is in need of care, regardless of the type, two key factors critically influence their outcome: access to quality treatment and the speed in which it is delivered. 


With the demand for mental health treatment surging, there has never been a more critical time for behavioral healthcare leaders to engage with solutions that improve speed and access. 


Thanks to a new partnership, innovaTel and Quartet Health are leading the way, together. 


Behavioral healthcare organizations are facing familiar challenges, but they’ve been amplified in recent months. Workforce development remains a critical and ongoing challenge in order to meet the demand for care, as does an organization’s ability to expand capacity, shrink wait times, decrease no-shows and improve patient outcomes. 


In addition, the importance of culturally competent providers, those with specialized expertise and those with addiction treatment experience is increasingly crucial as patients with complex conditions and nuanced backgrounds seek treatment.


By coupling innovaTel’s industry-leading telepsychiatry partnerships with Quartet Health’s technology platform, which is designed to create a better overall mental health care system, we’re quite simply, better together. 


As patients continue to redefine the demand for care and the type of treatment they need, the new partnership formed between innovaTel and Quartet is redefining how treatment is accessed and delivered.  


Quartet Health is a tech-enabled mental health care company focused on delivering speed to quality care for all. Because when it comes to a patient’s mental health, time is of the essence. 


Unreasonably long wait times for appointments delay the delivery of needed care and, for the most vulnerable, could prove irreparably detrimental. California recently addressed the issue, which impacts both speed and access to care, by passing legislation requiring health insurers to reduce wait times for mental health treatment to a maximum of 10 days. 


According to Benefits Pro, six other states have passed similar legislation as wait times between appointments slide to increasingly longer intervals under the weight of patient demand and overtaxed providers. 


As innovaTel has been working on improving access to care over the years by developing telepsychiatry partnerships with mental health organizations, Quartet Health has been working to improve the delivery speed to care. This includes valuable relationships to payers, as well as expedient credentialing services for providers.


Part of that effort involves creating meaningful partnerships with health systems and health insurance plans — which opens doors for new conversations and innovations. 


By harnessing the way we use technology at innovaTel and Quartet, and blending the successful relationships we’ve established in diversified mental health care sectors across the country, we believe our partnership has the ability to improve the state of mental health care for all.


While we’re only at the beginning of our relationship together, we are already hard at work developing new services and systems designed to specifically address the need for increased speed and improved access to care. We’ll get there.


Because at innovaTel and Quartet, we believe we’re better together. 


Interested in learning more about how innovaTel and Quartet are improving speed and access to care? Download our recent whitepaper.

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