Minnesota Telepsychiatry Services

The state of Minnesota is one of the most progressive in the US when it comes to providing telehealth services. It has a growing number of clinics and various other healthcare facilities that provide telepsychiatry services to all the patients who seek proper mental health care.

This application of telemedicine has become quite a common practice in Minnesota. This is primarily because healthcare facilities are realizing that the benefits of this practice are huge. Numerous organizations have tirelessly advocated for the implementation of telemedicine in the state of Minnesota. Thanks to them, telemedicine is now increasingly utilized all over the state.

We at innovaTel are also very proud to be part of it all. We’re happy to provide our telepsychiatry services to Minnesota. In fact, we have more clinic partnerships in Minnesota than any other state. We are here to help you implement telepsychiatry and provide all your patients with the outstanding care they deserve.

But first, let’s take a look at some vital Minnesota mental health statistics to gain a better insight into the necessity for telepsychiatry in this state. Let’s also dive into the Minnesota telepsychiatry laws and reimbursement, as well as the crucial benefits of telepsychiatry.

The Minnesota Mental Health Background

There are not enough mental health practitioners in Minnesota, especially when it comes to rural areas. As a matter of fact, there’s a serious shortage of them.

There are 142 child and adolescent psychiatrists in the state as of 2019. This roughly translates to only 11 psychiatrists per every 100,000 children in Minnesota. 13.65% of youths in Minnesota experience at least one major depressive episode in the past year.

This is truly alarming, especially when you consider that Minnesota has a huge problem when it comes to mental health. In the state of Minnesota, 18% of adults are experiencing a mental health illness. In addition to this, 19% of Minnesotans with mental illness report that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed.

The entirety of the US is facing these problems. Almost a quarter of the country has reported that their mental health needs were unmet in the past year. But, hopefully, we can help solve them. Here at innovaTel, it’s our mission to help clinics implement telepsychiatry and provide their patients with the mental healthcare they deserve. Minnesota is only one of the numerous locations where we offer our services.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry Services

There are several crucial benefits of telepsychiatry that you should have in mind if you’re considering reinventing your psychiatric care operations.

Nationwide Access to Board-Certified Psychiatrists

With telepsychiatry, you can work with highly skilled and experienced psychiatrists. They don’t need to come to your clinic or healthcare facility to provide your patients with excellent care. They can simply use a HIPPA-compliant video-conferencing platform to communicate with you and your staff and consult with your patients in real-time.

Low Costs & High Revenue

No travel expenses, decreased patient wait times, and no headaches associated with the recruitment of finding a clinician– all of these lead to reduced costs. They also save a lot of time, making your clinic much more efficient.

Proper Mental Health Care in Underserved Areas

With a few simple clicks, patients in rural and underserved areas can receive the right mental health care they deserve. No matter where your psychiatrists are and no matter where the patients are, you can make sure the underserved populations get the healthcare they need.

Telepsychiatry Laws in Minnesota

The Minnesota State Law defines telemedicine as the delivery of healthcare services (including healthcare consultations) via live video while a patient is located at an originating site (this can be their home or a healthcare clinic), and their healthcare provider is located at a distant site.

This means that healthcare practitioners don’t have to meet face to face with their patients to provide them with the care they need. They can use telehealth services, that is, telehealth technology to deliver proper care.

Telepsychiatrists practicing within the state, as well as across the nation, need to be licensed in Minnesota in addition to the state they physically reside in.

Telepsychiatry Healthcare in Minnesota: Implementation & Reimbursement

If you’re looking to implement telepsychiatry in Minnesota, you’ll be happy to know that there are minimal restrictions when it comes to the technology you can use. All you need to do is be HIPAA-compliant and follow a proper implementation model for achieving the success you seek.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you join forces with a service you can trust. innovaTel is your go-partner for implementing telepsychiatry services. We know exactly how to help you do it efficiently and effectively.

In terms of reimbursement, Minnesota has a parity law for telemedicine services, which means that telemedicine consultations, which include telepsychiatry, need to be equal to in-person consultations. Therefore, they must have the same reimbursement rates.

Minnesota Medicaid will reimburse both real-time telepsychiatry consultations and the services provided via store-and-forward technology.

Minnesota Telepsychiatry Services from innovaTel

innovaTel is here to help you implement telepsychiatry and provide outstanding care to all your patients that need it. We have a nationwide network of board-certified psychiatrists for you to choose from. Our network is also rich with licensed clinical social workers and nurse practitioners.

We can help you make the right choice when selecting the professionals to join your team, but the final decision will be completely up to you. We are proud to offer our easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform that you can seamlessly integrate with other tools you’re already using. The platform is designed to provide telepsychiatry services and help you interact with patients and your staff in real-time. innovaTel clinicians will document concurrently in your electronic medical record.

If you’re looking for trustworthy and proven Minnesota telepsychiatry services, innovaTel is here for you. Contact us today and let’s transform psychiatric care together!