Recognizing The Important Work Licensed Clinical Social Workers Do

March 19, 2024 | Teletherapy | Therapy

Licensed clinical social workers are critically important members of the mental health workforce. Statistics indicate social work is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S., and it is expected to continue to grow through 2031


In recognition of Social Worker Month, there is no better time to reflect on the valuable role social workers play in the lives of patients in need, for organizations working to meet the demand for care and for clinical teams endeavoring to manage patient capacity.


At innovaTel, licensed clinical social workers have long been integral team members as we develop customized telepsychiatry and telebehavioral health partnerships for the organizations we work with. Our team of licensed clinical social workers not only have the ability and expertise to diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional conditions, but team members also have experience working with patients living with a serious mental illness (SMI) and co-occurring conditions. 


As the demand for care continues to rise, coupled with a waning sense of stigma connected to mental health care, the need for licensed clinical social workers continues to increase. At innovaTel, we’re meeting those needs where they are by equipping clinical teams with remote licensed clinical social workers who are able to connect with patients wherever they are.


It is that ability to meet a patient where they’re at as a remote provider that aligns with the very foundation of social work itself. And when innovaTel licensed clinical social workers are asked about it, they mention how much they appreciate that flexibility.


“In social work training, you are taught to ‘meet the client where they are.’ This is in reference to clients presenting challenges and abilities. With telehealth, we are now literally meeting the clients where they physically are,” Terica, LICSW, LCSW-BACS said. “Depression can be very debilitating, and it can be extremely taxing for a client to complete the daily tasks to make an in-person session. That alone is a barrier in receiving and providing care. However, with telehealth in place, the client can meet us in the comfort of their own home.”


As remote providers, innovaTel’s licensed clinical social workers also have to find an appropriate balance between work and home. To create that balance, innovaTel team members have established dedicated work spaces in their homes, committed to specific work hours outside of which emails are not checked, and they’ve taken steps to reduce their screen time at the end of the day.


“Sticking to a consistent work schedule and clear boundaries for when I start and finish has been quite helpful,” Terica, LICSW, LCSW-BACS said.


Another provider creates a comforting, inviting workspace. 


“I make my space comfortable for me with blankets, snacks, candles, essential oils, and music. It only has work-related items in it and no one else is allowed in,” Vanessa, LISW-S, LCSW-S said. “I literally close the door at the end of the day and do not return until the next morning.”


With an understanding of the impact licensed clinical social workers can make on the overall mental healthcare landscape, for patients and organizations, we at innovaTel are proud to be able to offer an environment and a modality for treatment that improves access to care and fosters better balance for providers. 


Licensed clinical social workers, whether they’re remote or in office, are vital pieces to the overall mental health puzzle. 


Learn more by visiting our careers page.

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