Ohio Telepsychiatry Service Providers for Companies

innovaTel Telepsychiatry is a national telepsychiatry company that is proudly clinician owned and operated. At innovaTel, we believe that everyone deserves timely access to mental healthcare. Telepsychiatry is a proven and effective solution to increasing access to care that breaks down the various barriers that facilities encounter.

The immense shortage of psychiatrists is the most significant barrier that mental health facilities must overcome. Many mental health facilities in the state of Ohio face challenges with recruiting and retaining psychiatrists in order to keep up with patient demand.

That is where innovaTel Telepsychiatry comes in. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions regarding access to psychiatric care for facilities in need. We hire top-notch psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and licensed clinical social workers as part of our team. We then contract their hours via telemedicine technology to facilities across the country, including:

  • Community mental health centers
  • Federally qualified health centers
  • Correctional institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Primary care facilities

Mental Health Statistics for Ohio

Mental Health America ranked Ohio 34th for the prevalence of mental illness, making it a priority area for timely access to mental health care. According to HRSA, there are 115 areas in Ohio that are considered to be underserved when it comes to mental health care, with a designated shortage of 5,035 mental health care providers.

With Ohio being considered “ground zero” for the opioid epidemic, something must be done to increase access to care throughout the state of Ohio. With the use of telepsychiatry in Ohio, more patients can be seen within a reasonable period due to the barriers telemedicine is able to avoid.

Telepsychiatry State Laws and Regulations in Ohio

There are no two states alike when it comes to telehealth regulations and reimbursement. A partner like innovaTel can help you navigate the rules and regulations in Ohio. According to the Center for Connected Health Policy, Ohio Medicaid reimburses for “live video telemedicine”. They do not provide reimbursement for “store-and-forward” or remote patient monitoring.

Patient & Provider Site Eligibility

In order to be eligible to be reimbursed by Medicaid in Ohio, the location of the patient must adhere to specific requirements. A “patient site” is the physical location of the patient at the time a telemedicine service is provided. The “patient site” can be a physician’s office, psychologist practice, inpatient, and outpatient facilities, as well as the patient’s home.

Private Payer Laws in Ohio

As for private payer laws in Ohio, a health benefit plan must provide coverage for telepsychiatry services equally and to the same extent that the plan provides coverage for in-person services. By law, plans cannot exclude coverage for service solely because it is provided as a telemedicine service.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry in Ohio

One of the characteristics that set innovaTel apart from other telepsychiatry companies is our comprehensive onboarding and implementation process. innovaTel telepsychiatry experts understand the challenges that Ohio clinics face, which is why we take the time necessary to provide onboarding, training and continued support throughout the duration of your contract. As a result, your on-site clinical managers and operational staff will have access to 24/7 IT and clinical support to ensure timely, efficient care.

Ohio Telepsychiatry Services from innovaTel

Our clinical team consists of board-certified or board-eligible psychiatrists, psychiatric certified nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers. Our providers are licensed across the country and many have unique sub-specialty training.

Community Mental Health Centers & Outpatient Facilities

Providing community mental health centers with access to adult, child and adolescent psychiatric clinicians to assist your organization in providing patients with timely access to the care they need.

Integrated Care

Bringing mental health experts to a variety of medical settings for input and the management of behavioral health treatment, care, and diagnosis’. The innovaTel clinical team is experienced in providing integrated care in the following settings:

  • Primary care centers – Primary care providers deliver half of the mental health care for common conditions and substance use. However, those who are treated in a primary care setting are less likely to receive the most effective behavioral health care possible, which is why the support of mental health care clinicians is key.
  • Forensic evaluations – The criminal justice system is also affected by the shortage of psychiatrists, with many states and counties being weighed down by a backlog of forensic evaluations. Telepsychiatry allows evaluations to be done promptly for pending cases.

Correctional Psychiatry

innovaTel recognizes the need for experienced correctional psychiatrists who understand the complicated and challenging environments of correctional facilities. Our clinicians are able to provide the treatment necessary for inmates to have successful futures inside and outside the corrections system. Telepsychiatry also eliminates the risks associated with bringing a clinician into a facility or transporting an inmate, as inmates stay inside the prison walls while receiving effective mental health care they need.

innovaTel Telepsychiatry in Ohio

To learn more about our organization and the services we provide in Ohio, we encourage you to visit our website at http://www.innovatel.com or contact us at info@innovatel.com.

innovaTel Telepsychiatry is committed to improving access to care in underserved communities in the state of Ohio and across the country.