Forensic Telepsychiatry

Forensic psychiatrists navigate the interface between mental illness and the legal system. They receive specialty training to perform in-depth examinations that answer important questions related to civil and criminal litigation.

While all psychiatrists are in high demand, qualified forensic psychiatrists can be even harder to find. InnovaTel Telepsychiatry has put together an ever-growing team of talented fellowship-trained, board-certified forensic psychiatrists from all over the United States, available to perform forensic services via teleconferencing.

Use of teleconferencing for forensic services is rapidly gaining acceptance. It has been demonstrated safe, efficient, and cost-effective, eliminating the time and expense of expert travel and security clearances and removing geographical limitations to expertise.

InnovaTel forensic psychiatrists are available to perform a variety of civil and criminal evaluations. We will work with you to optimize workflow and efficiency for your specific forensic evaluation needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Are you a board-certified forensic psychiatrist who is interested in joining our growing team? Click here to view our careers page.