Telepsychiatry for Forensics

Forensic psychiatrists are a rare branch of medical workers who work in the psychiatry and legal field. Many legal cases, including both civil and criminal procedures, have the need for forensic psychiatrists who can serve as expert witnesses.

Oftentimes, it’s required to paint the picture of someone’s mental state to explain their actions better, and this is where forensic psychiatrists come into play. innovaTel forensic telepsychiatrists provide you with evaluation services and also give their expert opinions on how someone’s mental state was related to your case.

Our psychiatrists also often serve as consultants that help other doctors give their opinions. Even though forensic psychiatrists are in great demand, it’s often difficult to find a reliable practitioner. However, with innovaTel, you can quickly get in touch with one online.

Why Use Forensic Telepsychiatry?

As we mentioned earlier, most forensic psychiatry services are used in court or as expert witnesses. With forensic telepsychiatry, there is no need to look for a forensic psychiatrist that has the time to commute. At the same time, you won’t have to pay high costs for their services.

With forensic telepsychiatry, you can quickly find a capable professional, send them vital materials they would have to evaluate, and have them give their testimony or evaluation through a videoconference. This approach to forensic psychiatry saves valuable money and time for both sides.

Most judges who work with both criminal and civil cases are now open to having someone testify on the stand remotely. After all, we are living in the 21st century and technology is something we should use to our advantage.

How Forensic Telepsychiatry Can Help You

As we’ve stated, forensic telepsychiatry offers convenient means of connecting to reliable forensic psychiatrists all over the country. Here’s how else they can benefit your operations:

Effective Results

Ever since telepsychiatry was first introduced, there has been immense criticism about the method. Although, throughout the years, scientific studies have concluded that telepsychiatry is an effective process.

It makes clients feel comfortable – they aren’t intimidated because there is no other person with them in the room. A lot of studies indicate that there are no noticeable differences between telepsychiatry and face-to-face interaction – their results are quite similar.

Reduced Costs

With this kind of approach to forensic expertise, there is no need to pay for travel costs. This also means that clients are able to afford experts that will give better insight and spend money on their knowledge, not their travel expenses.

Most courtrooms and law firms today have video conferencing rooms, and if not, it’s easy to find one.


Forensic telepsychiatry through video conferencing is very convenient and can be used for expert testimonies, medical consultations, legal consultations, evaluations, and interviews. We use modern video conferencing technology that meets the highest standards.

No matter what kind of conferencing system you have, we can connect you with an expert and provide you with clear audio and flawless video. It’s easy to share important information, help you build your strategy, and get valuable information.

How Telepsychiatry For Forensics Works

The process is simple. Our clients will need to have a conferencing room where they can privately discuss issues with an expert psychiatrist. It’s not necessary to have a conference room with all the bells and whistles, but you do need to ensure privacy. The only thing you need is a computer device and a stable internet connection.

When you acquire our services, we will provide you with an expert and help you establish direct communication with them. A psychiatrist will be ready for a videoconference with you whenever you arrange it. We can stream your connection over our platform to ensure complete safety and quality video performance.

At innovaTel, we will even provide you with the necessary devices for video conferencing if you don’t have any available.

Forensic Areas We Work With

innovaTel is happy to provide our expert forensic telepsychiatrists for the following areas:

  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Malpractice cases
  • Violence risk analysis
  • Guardianship cases
  • Sanity/insanity evaluations
  • Mental disabilities
  • Custody cases and visitation
  • Disabilities
  • Employee compensation
  • Criminal responsibility
  • And more

Contact innovaTel today and tell us what kind of forensics psychiatrist you need. We have a wide range of experts that excel in different kinds of issues, and after thorough analysis, we will give you our recommendation.