Telepsychiatry: What to Expect

Implementing telepsychiatry might seem overwhelming and you might not know what to expect, especially if you have never utilized telepsychiatry before. From the time you contact us, we remain actively engaged with your team every step of the way and we strive to ensure proper setup for a successful telepsychiatry experience at your organization.

How telepsychiatry works
  • We will schedule an online meeting to discuss your organization’s needs and to answer your questions.

  • If you decide that innovaTel is the right partner for you, our experienced team will match one of our providers based on your organization’s clinical needs.

  • Your team will interview the provider online and determine if the provider is the best match for your organization.

  • A targeted start date is determined based on licensing needs (if any) and credentialing which varies state-by-state.

  • From this point forward, innovaTel’s implementation and onboarding team will work closely with your team to ensure a streamlined implementation.

    • innovaTel’s IT team will schedule an online meeting with your IT team to discuss equipment setup, troubleshoot any concerns, and schedule test calls ensuring an optimal technical setup.

    • Orientation is scheduled for the clinician via online video conference with your team to familiarize themselves with your processes, procedures, and EHR.

    • innovaTel also provides clinical liaisons to serve as ongoing support for your organization beyond initial support.

Our dedicated leadership and administrative team are available during the entirety of our partnership to continue to answer questions, make suggestions and address any concerns that arise.

The Patient Experience

The telepsychiatry experience is very similar to an in-person appointment. Patients are comfortable with receiving care via telepsychiatry and many prefer this method over traditional in-person care.

When the patient arrives for their telepsychiatry appointment, they will check-in at the front desk and follow your facility’s usual patient flow for escorting the patient to see their clinician. A medical professional will obtain patient vital signs, review medication lists, etc. and enter the information into your electronic health record.

Our clinicians complete new patient evaluations in one hour, transfer appointments in thirty minutes, and twenty minutes for medication management follow ups.

Recommended Setup

We provide your organization with a HIPAA compliant video platform called VSee. If your organization has a different platform preference we are open to other options as well.

In order to ensure the best patient experience we recommend setting up a designated “telepsychiatry room” with a webcam and 42 inch TV mounted on the wall at the patients eye level. If your organization prefers to use a telepsychiatry cart instead we can provide recommendations as well. 

Telepsychiatry Room

Credentialing/ Billing

Clinicians are credentialed by your organization’s credentialing team and process. We will assist the clinician in obtaining their state license, DEA, and malpractice insurance. We are happy to assist in providing all the required documentation and information you will need to complete payor applications.  Billing for telepsychiatry services is the responsibility of your organization.


Our clinicians are trained in concurrent documentation and all documentation is guaranteed to be completed by the end of the business day.