Why Choose innovaTel Telepsychiatry?

We are you. We are clinician owned and operated.

Your Telepsychiatry Partner

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We strive to be the best telepsychiatry partner to our customers. Our founding clinical team has over 30 years of behavioral healthcare experience. They have faced first hand many of the obstacles that your organization is facing. Because we have been in your shoes we have a deep understanding of what is most important to our customers.

We feel very strongly that you should have a say in which clinician becomes a virtual member of your treatment team, that is why we don’t just place clinicians with your organization –  as your telepsychiatry partner we want you to choose!

We are very selective in choosing which clinicians join our team and only hire approximately 1/3 of the clinicians that we interview.  We understand the importance of patient continuity and value long-term partnerships. Some of our telepsychiatrists have been with their clinic assignment for over four years!

  • Collaborative Care – Our clinicians become a virtual member of your treatment team and will work collaboratively with your on-site team. 
  • Your electronic health record – All clinicians are trained in concurrent documentation and will document directly into YOUR organization’s electronic health record by then end of each day. Any prescriptions required will be e-prescribed.
  • Billing – The clinicians will be credentialed with your payers. Your organization handles all of the billing and keeps all revenue.

Partnership Benefits

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  • innovaTel covers licensing, DEA, malpractice and benefits for all clinicians
  • 24/7 IT & clinical support at no additional cost
  • Credentialing assistance
  • Workflow recommendations
  • Scheduling templates
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Compliance monitoring