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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in many ways, including within the behavioral healthcare community. Faced with a highly contagious illness and a directive to isolate, telepsychiatry services became an even more attractive option for delivering and receiving care than it already was before the start of the pandemic.


innovaTel is here to help.

innovaTel’s Solutions Can Help During COVID-19

Psychiatric care is a necessity, and disruptions aren’t a luxury that patients can afford. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the need for providers and clinics to exhibit flexibility, and the need patients have for sustained care — even if they are isolated. In addition, it’s estimated that millions of new patients, dealing with economic and emotional strife related to the pandemic, will seek treatment in the months ahead.

As a leader in the telepsychiatry space, innovaTel is prepared to help clinics and providers meet the demands of the future.


1 in 3

Americans expected to need behavioral health care (Source: McKinsey)


of clinics or organizations are experiencing an increased demand for care


of remote care that nearly a third of providers expect to deliver long-term

3 to 1

Margin of COVID infection rates for minority populations compared to white Americans

Real Solutions to Real Challenges

We can help manage an anticipated “second wave”.

In the months ahead, innovaTel’s telepsychiatry services can help organizations manage an anticipated “second wave” of behavioral health care demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We can help you deliver timely care.

A telepsychiatry partnership with innovaTel creates scheduling flexibility and allows clinics and organizations to offer timely care to patients in need.

We offer a sustainable solution.

innovaTel’s hybrid model of care allows for a blended approach to the delivery of treatment, creating opportunities for in-person and remote care based on what is most clinically appropriate.

We can help deliver care to underserved areas.

Telepsychiatry partnerships with innovaTel allow for remote providers to deliver care to rural and underserved areas where providers, and providers with specialties, are scarce.

Our Partnership Process

At innovaTel we want to reshape the telepsychiatry model, not your ability to provide care. That’s why our process for establishing partnerships is simple.

Clinical Services


Let’s talk

Share your clinical needs with innovaTel.


Interview our providers

innovaTel presents providers for your team to interview.


Onboarding begins

Once your team chooses a provider(s), they become credentialed with your payers and your organization bills for services.


Workflow development

innovaTel assigns you a Clinical Liaison — an experienced psychiatric nurse — to help design customized workflows with your team to ensure seamless integration.


Your patients receive care

Your innovaTel providers hold a set schedule for your patients each week, connect via a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform and document directly into your EMR.


Receive ongoing support

Your Clinical Liaison provides ongoing support to you and your innovaTel providers in your day-to-day work.

Experience, Earned

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