Inpatient Telepsychiatry

innovaTel provides psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners to augment the coverage of your on-site clinical team in your inpatient setting. 

The country is currently facing a shortage of psychiatric clinicians. This shortage means it’s not always possible to provide your patients with the care they need, especially if they’re located in a rural area. With readily accessible inpatient telepsychiatry services you can deliver comprehensive inpatient telepsychiatry services to your patients no matter their location. As one of the best telepsychiatry companies, innovaTel can connect you with skilled psychiatrists wherever you’re located.

This is where telepsychiatry has proven to be an extremely effective solution.

Because innovaTel can recruit from all over the country, recruitment efforts are not focused to your immediate geography. Only the best of the best clinicians are hired. Out of all the candidates that apply, less than 1/3 are hired and this allows innovaTel to present only highly qualified clinicians to join your treatment team.

One telepsychiatrist covering multiple locations
Because these clinicians are connecting to your organization virtually, they can cover multiple locations or various clinical settings with maximum efficiency. innovaTel’s team will work closely with your organization to develop a clinical coverage program customized to meet your needs. innovaTel’s goal is that the telepsychiatrist feels just as much a part of the treatment team as if they were physically there on site. The innovaTel telepsychiatrist will have a set schedule that you get to determine, attend treatment team meetings, collaborate with the rest of your on-site staff and document concurrently in your electronic medical record. innovaTel’s telepsychiatry clinician will be familiarized with community resources for continued treatment if necessary and work closely with the on-site clinical team to determine discharge plans.

What Is Inpatient Telepsychiatry?

Inpatient telepsychiatry is the practice of providing your patients with quality psychiatric care through the use of telecommunications technology, typically through videoconferencing. Our services are nearly identical to traditional psychiatric care – despite the remote aspect.

innovaTel Inpatient Telepsychiatry Services

innovaTel inpatient telepsychiatry gives you access to high-quality services that will allow you to get your patients seen in a timely manner vs. relying on traditional rounding schedules of on-site psychiatrists that may be juggling multiple responsibilities.

At innovaTel, our inpatient telepsychiatry services include: 

  • Traditional inpatient rounding 
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management 
  • Development and implementation of the plan of care 
  • Participation in treatment team meetings 

Our telepsychiatry clinicians will work closely with you and your staff members to ensure all your patients get the care they deserve. They will help you develop a clinical coverage program that suits you and your organization and meets all your needs. 

Benefits of Inpatient Telepsychiatry

Both you and your patients can benefit greatly from telepsychiatry. Although psychiatry is a field of medicine that isn’t often affected by technological advancements, telecommunications technology has proven to be quite advantageous here.

Primarily, psychiatric care has become more accessible. To receive proper treatment since expert psychiatrists are available wherever they’re needed.

An added benefit is that most patients often feel more comfortable talking to psychiatrists from the comfort of their homes. They don’t have to worry about the social stigma of going to a psychiatric hospital for therapy, and so they tend to be more honest with their mental care providers.

As far as your organization is concerned, with telepsychiatry, you can ensure that there are no delays in your patient care, and you get all the benefits of in-house psychiatrists at a fraction of the cost.

The innovaTel Advantage

At innovaTel, we recruit psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners from all across the country, connecting you virtually with experts wherever you’re located. Our selective recruiting process ensures that only the best and the most qualified clinicians will join your treatment team. 

Our telepsychiatry clinicians will be available to you whenever needed, working in a set schedule that you can determine to suit your needs. They’ll be familiarized with your community resources, will help you determine discharge plans, and will significantly improve your inpatient care. 

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