Telepsychiatry for Federally Qualified
Health Centers

There has been an unprecedented demand for psychiatrists for quite some time, and now it is at an all-time high. On top of this, there is a notable shortage of psychiatrists causing a crisis in access to mental health treatment.

More and more people are seeking mental health treatment, but most of them are not in a situation to receive it due to the dramatic decrease in the number of available psychiatrists. Many community-based healthcare centers, such as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), are experiencing this dire problem first-hand.

innovaTel is here to aid this global pain point. We can provide FQHCs across the nation with excellent telepsychiatry services, and help you meet the growing demand of patients seeking mental health treatment.

Our Telepsychiatry Services for Federally Qualified Health Centers

innovaTel can provide FQHCs with a vast network of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and licensed clinical social workers. With telepsychiatry, psychiatrists don’t need to be physically present to deliver in-person care, which means that you and your patients have access to professionals from all over the country.

This type of service is completely equivalent to in-person medical care when it comes to the quality of care, diagnostic accuracy, patient satisfaction, and the effectiveness of treatment.

innovaTel can provide your Federally Qualified Health Center with:

  • Routine telepsychiatry services
  • Inpatient telepsychiatry services
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Consultation services
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Clinical workflow support
  • Remote Medical Director roles
  • Tele-mental health counseling

When it comes to routine telepsychiatry, innovaTel will connect you to consistent providers who are available to handle your standard caseload of patients, providing ongoing consultations, treatments, supervision, and anything else your healthcare center may need.

How Telepsychiatry Can Benefit FQHCs

Telepsychiatry comes with remarkable benefits for both FQHCs and their patients. Here are a few that you can start benefitting from with the help of innovaTel:

Meet the Demand for Mental Health Care

Telepsychiatry can help you meet the rising demand for mental health care, and successfully close that gap in your community. This is simply because it gives you access to a large number of psychiatrists all over the country , readily available to meet all your patients.

Nationwide Access to Expert Psychiatrists

It can be challenging to find the right clinicians for your FQHC, but telepsychiatry enables you to choose from a huge number of experts. Not only can this help you reduce clinical turnover, but it also guarantees that your patients will always receive the best possible care.

Reducing Wait Times

Long wait times are not unusual when seeing specialized healthcare providers. But with telepsychiatry, you can make sure that all your patients see their assigned providers on time, without having to wait another minute longer. This will greatly improve patient satisfaction, and make your facility run much efficiently.

Lowering the Costs of Recruitment & Care

When you hire psychiatric professionals remotely, you don’t have to think about finding more office space or covering their commute expenses. Moreover, innovaTel will cover all licensing, DEA, benefits, malpractice, and recruitment costs.

Improving Continuity of Care

Telepsychiatry can help you improve your continuity of care and patient satisfaction. One of our top priorities is helping FQHCs maintain continuity of care, which is why we’ll make sure that your patients always see the same clinician.

How Can innovaTel Telepsychiatry Help You?

innovaTel will schedule an online meeting with you to learn more about your organizational needs so that we can find the right psychiatrists for your team. The final decision is entirely up to you since the chosen clinicians will join your team, after all.

Once you give us approval, we’ll contact your chosen clinicians, and help you onboard and orient them. We’ll give you access to our HIPAA-compliant video platform for communicating with your remote psychiatrists, which they will also use for their patient care.

innovaTel is always here for ongoing clinical and technical support. We charge a flat hourly rate for our telepsychiatry services so you’ll never be surprised by any unprecedented fess.

If you want to utilize telepsychiatry, and you need a reliable partner to help you implement it. Contact us today, and let’s reimagine psychiatric care together.